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Ruin porn and ad men 

As if there hasn’t been enough talk about THE Chrysler ad. But as usual, Jim Russell makes a pretty darn good argument; intelligent, and worth reading. On his blog, Burgh Diaspora, he’s always intelligent, and often has something about Millennials and their pesky work/life habits worth thinking about. 

Postscript: In the ad, the narrator uses the phrase “to hell and back.” Is Detroit actually back from hell? Is it still in purgatory? Just curious. 

Black towns in America: Disappeared from the history books 

This is fascinating to me—how difficult is it, how much suffering must occur for a town to completely lose it’s history and origin. This is especially interesting in light of NPR’s recent controversial coverage of DC’s status as a ‘Chocolate City’. Also makes me wonder what the spirit of a city, so beautifully illustrated in Chrysler’s Imported from Detroit, means over time and how it changes over time, and where it goes if it is lost. 

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