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Women represent a growth market more than twice as big as China and India combined. They control $20 trillion in global consumer spending, own or operate between 25-33% of all private businesses, and earn an estimated $13 trillion. This “power of the purse” is growing rapidly; expectations are that it will swell to $18 trillion by 2014. For companies that figure out what women want, the future looks rosy indeed.

But CTI research reveals that, while most companies target women as end-users, few effectively leverage the talent most likely to know what these end-users want and need: female employees. Specifically, we find that companies fail to realize the full innovative potential of women in their midst because leadership either doesn’t know how to elicit their insights or lacks the perspective necessary to endorse their ideas.

[Excerpt, click on the link to read the rest of this post.]

From: Harvard Business Review — How Women Drive Innovation and Growth

By Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Melinda Marshall, and Laura Sherbin 

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It makes me sad that we have to spell this out so blatantly, but we do, of course. Hire women. Fund women. Promote women. Listen to female consumers. You have zero financial incentives not to. 

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What does it mean to be a princess? 

Post author Amanda Steinberg is the founder of DailyWorth, a website about investing and saving that I wish I thought of. Its smart and relevant, but not too smart, not alienating. I’ve sent links for the newsletters to most of my lady friends because I feel this is information all women need. Girls need to know how to invest. 

Even though I’ve had a Roth IRA for years, it’s because my dad started it for me. I contribute to my 401(k), but my husband helped pick out where my contributions go. I feel that I’m pretty good with investing, but better off because of the men in my life. I’m educated, but not completely independent. 

And yet—I would never say, as Ms. Steinberg suggests in her post, that I am looking for a princess fantasy to save me from doing this on my own. I feel I do have an internal locus of control, and if I were forced to invest without the help of my dad and husband, I could still be successful.

However, I do think it is easy for women to see fathers and husbands and even sons “get” investing more than they do, and rely on their interest and knowledge in the subject. Partners in marriage regularly spilt tasks that one is better at or has more aptitude for—that is one of the great benefits of marriage: having help. But investing is not washing dishes or mowing the lawn. It’s your livelihood as much as your job is, gals.  

I hope you read this piece, and maybe get a little angry. And then I hope you sign up for DailyWorth’s emails. And then I hope you start a Roth IRA and make sure you have an emergency savings fund. You don’t have to love investing, or even understand it all, but you do need to know its value. Because then you can be your own Princess. 

I would infinitely prefer a daughter. If I had a son, I would leave him at the A&P or some other big advertising place where somebody who needs a kid would find him and he would be all right. … A daughter would be drawn to me. A daughter would want to help me. Girls are infinitely more complicated than boys, and women more than men. And there’s no doubt about that. We just don’t like to think about it. Certainly the men don’t like to think about it. I have lived my whole life with a dream daughter.

Monday Morning Warm-up

I know, it can hard to ease into Mondays — especially when your weekend was only 47 hours instead of 48, thanks to DST. Though I must admit is was lovely to hang out with the sun until 7:15 tonight.

So, make your Monday just a little less manic, or to keep you from overdosing on office coffee, here’s a Monday Morning Warm-up of some interesting workplace links: 

When should you post to Facebook? Jeff Bullas, PR Daily

Gals—don’t do any of this.  Anita Bruzzese, The Quickbase Blog

How to talk to the media.   Brad Phillips, PR Daily

Once I knew my role was providing for the family, I took that very seriously. But there was envy knowing I wasn’t there for our son during the day,” says Blodgett. “Keith does everything at home—the cooking, repairs, finances, vacation planning—and I could work long hours and travel a lot, knowing he took such good care of Trent. I love my work, but I would have liked to have a little more balance or even understand what that means.

-Leslie Blodgett, Bare Escentuals

Glad I am not yet to the point of making these decisions. I can not imagine making them. 

Linking generations, genders and class.

From generation, to class, to gender, and back to generation. These links link well, and paint a picture of Millennials, right now. 

"Well, America, they’ve shown up, and now they want their trophy."

"Is Occupy Wall Street a hipster movement?"

"The 99 Percent. Are you a part of it?"

"All the Single Ladies"

25, female, entrepreneur.  

Just a little inspiration for your Tuesday afternoon. Makes you want to go start something great, right? 

New York Skinny vs. Paris Skinny by Garance Dore 

I would call this, United States Skinny. This mindset has definitely traveled outside of the Big Apple. Portion sizes and hormones are adding on to all of us, everywhere. Great read for young women. 


A must read. Weight and self image are about balance, no matter where you are. As difficult as it is not to compare our bodies to others it will always be present when we are put in new situations. Garance talks real talk about Parisian secrets (cook for yourself) and New York mistakes (portions). Enjoy!

"Will I be pretty?" Never a question little girls should ask. 

Found :

Single. Women. Entrepreneurs.

So, I flagged this post by the always interesting Dan Pink (Note: I’m a little biased because he’s the first famous person I ever interviewed for a newspaper.) for a few reasons.

1. Dan Pink is always interesting.

2. I find the lack of press on successful female entrepreneurs fascinating, particularly after this post and the slew of comments from the also always interesting Penelope Trunk.  

But I failed to read the first sentence of the actual post: “Erin Albert is a multi-talented, multi-tasking pharmacy professor at Butler University (Go Bulldogs! Beat Wisconsin!) who runs a couple of businesses and is pursuing a law degree on the side.”

Yeah. You read that right. Erin Albert is amazing. I heard her speak once and was immediately inspired. And yes, the Bulldogs beat Wisconsin. And oh yeah, Florida. 

I would have flagged for all of that, too, if I had read beyond the headline. But anyways, I’m sure Erin has kick-butt stuff to say in her book. And I’m sure she’ll be cheering for Butler in Underdog Showdown Saturday night. 

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